Bogotá. Metro.
Metro de Bogotá

Bogotá. Monserrate funicular.
Bruse's funicular data

Bogotá. Monserrate aerial cableway.
Official webpage
Superb illustrated page from Ferrolatino

Bogotá. Tramway (closed).
The Tramways of Bogotá: text, map, 24 pictures
Los Tranvías de Bogotá: texto, mapa, 24 fotos
Museovintage transport history
Busesdecolombia transport history
Brief horsecar history, part 1
Brief horsecar history, part 2
Trams burned in riot, 1948: scroll down

Bogotá. TransMilenio BRT system

Bogotá. Trolleybus system (closed).
The Trolleybuses of Bogotá: text, map, 21 pictures
Los Trolebuses de Bogotá: texto, mapa, 21 fotos
Three (3) models of Bogotá trolleybuses!
22 pictures of scrapped trolleybuses

Cali. Steam tramway (closed).
Superb history with pictures

Cúcuta. Steam tramway (closed).
Excellent history with illustrations

Medellín. Rapid transit system.
UrbanRail map, description, history & links
Official website
"Corredores Verdes" (Translohr projects)
Metrocable aerial cableway video
Description and three photos by a German visitor

Medellín. Tramway (closed).
The Tramways of Medellín: history, map, 12 photos
Los Tranvías de Medellín: historia, mapa, 12 fotos
35-page history, pictures [.pdf format]

Medellín. Tranvía Ayacucho
Translohr page

Medellín. Trolleybus system (closed).
Text & photos of two models

Medellín. UPB homepage (for trolleybus line)
Bello project