The Tramways of
Santos • São Paulo state • Brazil
by Allen Morrison

1 Aerial photo, History
Photos of mule trams
3 Photos of early electrics
4 Photos from the 1930s
5 Photos from the 1960s
6 Photos from 1985


(A) A typical 4-wheel car on Av. Pinheiro Machado, near José Menino beach [see aerial photo]. The photograph was taken on 21 April 1963. [from CD 14 of; reproduced with its permission]



(B) An 8-wheel tram on route 1, which went around the west side of the mountain to reach São Vicente [see aerial photo]. This was the 1873 route that established the tramway's peculiar 1350 mm track gauge. The photograph was taken in 1963. [from CD 45 of; reproduced with its permission]



(C) One of the 8-wheel open cars that was rebuilt closed in the 1950s. The photograph was taken near Ponta da Praia in 1963 [see aerial photo]. [Raymond DeGroote]



(D) One of two unique 6-axle articulated trams, numbered 300 and 302, that CSIC built in 1935. The photograph was taken at the end of Av. Ana Costa in 1965. Also see photograph E in part 4. [Foster M. Palmer]