The Tramways of
Santos • São Paulo state • Brazil
by Allen Morrison

1 Aerial photo, History
Photos of mule trams
3 Photos of early electrics
4 Photos from the 1930s
5 Photos from the 1960s
6 Photos from 1985


(A) Two motor cars and two trailers (former mulecars) in 1930. Tram 38 was built by Hurst Nelson in 1911 and was originally numbered 19. That's the Monte Serrat funicular in the distance [also see aerial photo]. [postcard, col. AM]



(B) Praça da Independência, on Av. Ana Costa, in 1931. Trolleybuses and 20-story apartment buildings surround this circle today. [postcard, AM]



(C) Santos trams exchanged their trolley poles for bow collectors in the early 1930s. Many cars, like this Belgian, carried both during the transition period. [postcard, col. AM]



(D) The standard design adapted by Santos trams during the 1930s, 40s and 50s seems to have been inspired by the English model of 1915 [see part 3, photo E]. This car's fleet number is not visible. [Giacinto Masino, col. AM]



(E) In 1935 CSIC constructed two 6-axle articulated open trams, numbers 300 and 302, that were unique in the world. Also see photograph D in part 5. [col. AM]