The Tramways of
Santos • São Paulo state • Brazil
by Allen Morrison

1 Aerial photo, History
Photos of mule trams
3 Photos of early electrics
4 Photos from the 1930s
5 Photos from the 1960s
6 Photos from 1985


(A) Mule trams at the São Paulo Railway station [see aerial photo], where passengers boarded trains for São Paulo. [postcard, col. AM]



(B) At this "tram stop" at the "end of the beach" passengers boarded a ferryboat for Santo Amaro Island [see aerial photo]. [postcard, col. AM]



(C) A Santos mulecar in the 1890s. Location is unknown – it may be Ponta da Praia. [col. AM]



(D) Rua 15 de Novembro in the early 20th century. [postcard, col. AM]



(E) A ticket of the São Vicente tramway company, which was organized in 1873 and began tramway service in 1875 [see aerial photo]. This was the line that established the odd 1350 mm track gauge still used by Santos trams today. [col. AM]



(F) This photograph was discovered in an archive of the Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. in Saltley, England. The company's records are lost and nothing is known about the vehicle – when it was built or whether it ran in Brazil. [col. AM]