Cuenca. Tramway u.c.
Tranvía Cuatro Ríos
Gov't articles

Guayaquil. Tramway system (closed)
The Tramways of Guayaquil: history, maps, 27 photographs
Los Tranvías de Guayaquil: historia, 2 mapas, 27 ilustraciones

Quito. Cruz Loma aerial calbeway.
Official website
Webpage in English
Webpage in Spanish

Quito. Metro project.
Metro de Quito page

Quito. Tramway system (closed).
The Tramways of Quito: history, map, 17 photographs
Los Tranvías de Quito: historia, mapa, 17 fotografías

Trolleybus system.
Official webpage with links to map, tech data, etc.
Company route map
Nice 5-minute company video
The Trolleybuses of Quito: 3 pages of text, 62 illustrations, map
Spanish Wikipedia page on "Trolebús de Quito"
German Wikipedia page on "Oberleitungsbus Quito"
Vossloh Kiepe page
23-page pdf
My map