Argentine postage stamps honoring trams
and the Asociación Amigos del Tranvía, 1997

Buenos Aires. Asociación Amigos del Tranvía.
Official website

Buenos Aires. Puerto Madero tramway.
Mulhouse (SITRAM) page
Mulhouse (TramTrain) page
Ferrovías, operator
Photos of construction in progress

Buenos Aires. Rapid transit system ("subte").
Metrovías website
UrbanRail map, description, history, links
Railfan page with history and photos

Buenos Aires. Suburban railway system.
Maps of suburban and long-distance lines
Maps of each line
My map showing all electric railways in the city
Trenes de B.A. website: data and photos (schematic maps only)

Buenos Aires. "Tren de la Costa" light rail line.
Photos of train, inside & out
Postcard views
Official website

Chivilcoy. Tramway (closed).
History of little-known line

Córdoba. Asociación Amigos del Tranvía de Córdoba.
Official website: data, history, photos

Córdoba. Trolleybus system.
Models of both single & articulated trolleybuses
Text and 6 photographs, map
Website by Luis Garriga
Purchase of 20 new vehicles, 8/5/2007
Nice photographs by Hugo Gonzalez [scroll down]
New route map, 2009

Lanús. Tramway (closed).
Brief history

Mar del Plata. Tramway (closed).
Illustrated history

Mar del Plata. Tourist tramway.
Six extraordinary drawings
Webpage with text & 17 photographs

Mendoza. Tramway (closed).
Article about tramway closure

Mendoza. Metrotranvía.
Official site
Article 6/2006
Wikipedia page

Mendoza. Trolleybus system.
Los Amigos del Trole local fan group
EPTM Online (under construction)
Nice (but incomplete) history by taxi agency!
Description and five photographs
Text and photo of 1913 line
Another article on the theater trolley
Inauguration of new UNCuyo line, 14/10/2005

Necochea. Tramway (closed).
Nice history and pictures of "El Tranvía" [scroll down]

Rosario. Tramway (closed).
49 old photographs include many tram views
Webpage with history (in English), photos and a map!

Rosario. Trolleybus system.
Wikipedia page
Text and photographs
Webpage about Rosario buses, including trolleybuses
Buses Rosarinos (2)
Webpage with history (in English), photos and a map!
Large photo of Fiat trolleybus
Pix and stats of trolleybus models

(San Miguel de) Tucumán. Tramway (closed).
Photo of original electric tram, transport history

Santa Fe. Tramway.
Nice large photo of trams

Valle Hermoso. Tramway.
Photos and description