A 130-Year Survey
by Allen Morrison


The following 197 pages constitute a page-by-page scanned version of my book, The Tramways of Brazil: A 130-Year Survey, which was published in 1989 and has been out of print since 1991. (An html version of the book's text, without the pictures and maps, has been online since 1999.) All the photographs shown here, as in the book, are reproduced in black/white. Some of this material has been expanded and presented with new information, new maps and color photographs on new webpages that are listed on my homepage, Electric Transport in Latin America.

There are two ways to look at this online edition: (1) Start with the book's cover and read it straight through. Each page has links at the top and bottom to the next page, the previous page and the index. [One can also navigate on the keyboard: Alt + arrow on a PC, Cmd + arrow on a Mac.] (2) Start with the index and open only parts and tramway cities of interest.

See a 1990 review of the book. This website was placed online on 16 December 2009. I like email.