The Trams of / Os Bondes de

Part B: 1929-1961 (pictures 31-47)
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Click on the pictures to see enlargements; "pc" = postcard.

(31) A ticket and a token of the Companhia Linha Circular. The ticket is from the horsecar days, before electrification in 1905. The token was good for a ride on either the Elevador Lacerda or the Plano Inclinado Gonçalves, both operated by CLC after 1929. [col. AM]
(32) Rua 7 de Setembro in the Graça district [see map]. CLC replaced trolley poles with bow collectors on all the city's trams in 1929. Car 60 is probably one of the (reconstructed) Brills of 1904-1912; see pictures 13 and 14 in Part A. [pc, col. AM]

(33) Rua Chile at Praça Municipal [see map]. The top station of the Elevador Lacerda is just out of sight on the right. [pc, col. AM]

(34) CLC tram 210 crosses Praça Castro Alves [see map]. Note "CLC" logo next to the headlight. [pc, col. AM]
(35) CLC 136 on Rua Chile in the Upper City [see map]. [pc, col. AM]
(36) Number 210 at a tram station on the Praça Municipal in the Upper City. [col. AM]
(37) CLC 263 on the Federação line [see map]. On this car the "CLC" logo is below the headlight. [H. E. C. Piercy, col. AM]
(38) Motor car 125 with a trailer at Praça Cairu terminus in the Lower City [see map]. [col. AM]
(39) Brill car 29 signed "LUIZ TARQUINIO" - one of the routes to Ribeira in the Lower City [see map]. The presence of a Brill car on that line indicates that the picture was taken after the two systems were consolidated in 1929. [col. AM]
(40) Number 709 was one of 35 closed cars that CLC acquired second-hand from the tramway in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, in 1945. Picture 44 shows number 702. [col. AM]
(41) Huge, 14-bench car 601 was built by the tramway company in Salvador. U.S. tramfan William Janssen photographed it in November 1958 at Rua da Graça depot in Vitória [see map]. The "SMTC" logo identifies the Serviço Municipal de Transportes Coletivos, which took over the tramway system in 1955. [William Janssen]
(42) SMTC 602, same type as number 601 in picture 41, was photographed in 1958 at Praça Castro Alves [see map]. [William Janssen]
(43) SMTC 406 was one of ten cars, numbered 401-410, that Salvador acquired second-hand from the tramway in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA, in 1937. Photographed in November 1958. [William Janssen]
(44) Number 702 was another of the 35 trams imported from Massachusetts in 1945. See picture 40. The Worcester cars were numbered in the 500 and 700 series in Salvador. [William Janssen]
(45) All cars in the 600 series seem to have been built by the tramway company in Salvador. This monster, numbered 653, seems to have 16 rows of seats! It was photographed in 1958. [William Janssen]
(46) Number 657 was not in very good shape in 1958. Praça Castro Alves [see map]. [William Janssen]
(47) A commercial postcard from the 1990s. Tram 227 is the same type as cars 229 and 263 in pictures 36 and 37 above. [Intermediações Mitzakoff, São Paulo]

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