German cars
Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg in Germany built five electric vehicles for the Guarujá Railway on Santo Amaro Island near Santos: locomotive number 1 and passenger cars 3 and 5 in 1924; and passenger cars 7 and 9 in 1930. All used electrical equipment from Siemens-Schuckert Werke of Berlin. Guarujá scrapped car 3 after an accident and sold its remaining equipment to Campos do Jordão in 1956. Guarujá 5, 7 and 9 became EFCJ A-7, A-5 and A-6. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images. To return to this index, press your Back button or Alt/Com + left arrow.
Builder's photo of one of the first two passenger cars that MAN constructed for Guarujá in 1924 (see above). This may be the vehicle that later became Campos do Jordão car A-7. [Siemens A.G., München]
Campos do Jordão car A-5 at Emílio Ribas terminus [see map] in 1994. Like the larger English cars [see English and Brazilian cars], the German cars all had two trucks. [AM]
Tram A-5 photographed near Emílio Ribas in 1991. [Allan de Koningh]
A MAN photograph of one of the cars that it built for Guarujá in 1930. This could be either A-5 or A-6 in Campos do Jordão today (see above). The two MAN models were similar – but the 1930 cars had a smaller center window in the front. [MAN, Nürnberg]
Ex-Guarujá 9, built in 1930 and still in original condition in Campos do Jordão in 1963. Note narrow center window. []
A photograph taken in June 1965 of the only surviving MAN car of 1924 (ex-Guarujá 5). The front windows have been rebuilt, but are still quite different from the window design that exists today. [Foster M. Palmer]
A-6 in the Emílio Ribas yard in April 1994. Note the "EFCJ" office on the left. [AM]
The same car photographed in a residential district. It's April 1994, autumn in Brazil. [AM]
MAN tram A-6 in April 1994. [AM]
Interior of a MAN car, photographed in 1979. [AM]
A-6 and A-5, both built in 1930, pass at Abernéssia station in September 1986. This is the commercial center of Campos do Jordão [see map]. The cars look identical, except that A-6's headlights are placed lower. [AM]

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