Jiménez, César. "El Metro de Lima"
Survey and history of Lima transport, including tramways

Morrison, Allen. "The Tramways of Peru" – 3 editions!!!
(1) Morrison original: Lima / Arequipa / Other cities
(2) Tranvías en el Perú: Spanish-language version of above by Luis A. Ramírez
(3) "Living in Peru" edition: Lima part 1 /
2 / 3 / 4

Arequipa. Tramway (closed).
History, map, 19 photographs

Barranco (Lima). Heritage tramway.
Official webpage: text, photos
My webpage: text, 15 photographs
My map shows former tram system & new heritage line
Photos of tram and nearby funiculars

Callao (Lima). Tramway (closed).
History of 'La Punta' line
Old photo of car
Three photos of electric trams

Chorrillos (Lima).
Funicular (closed).
Recent photos of its remains today

Lima. Rapid transit.
Official website: presentation, map
Another website: history, photos, maps
UrbanRail description & links
My map shows metro route & heritage tramway
Nice 3-minute animation shows extension

Lima. Tramway (closed).
The Tramways of Lima: history, map, 69 illustrations!
Tranvías de Lima [en español]: historia, mapa, 69 ilustraciones
Historical survey by César Jiménez: text, photos and maps
Transport survey by Juan Carlos Arroyo Ferreyros
Peruvian tram photos from one of my books
Brief history, one photo
Early photo of car

Lima. Trolleybus line (closed).
Text and photos