The Compañía de Tranvías Eléctricos de Valparaíso acquired its only single-deck trams in 1905-1907: five 2-axle models from Van der Zypen & Charlier in Köln for the hilly Cerro Barón and Las Zorras lines [see map] and ten 4-axle salon cars and ten trailers from Waggonbauanstalt Falkenried in Hamburg for the coastal line to Viña del Mar. The first photograph shows one of the small VZCs [col. AM]:

Here is one of the elegant 4-axle salon cars that Falkenried built for the suburban line to Viña del Mar. Note the "maximum traction" trucks (inner wheels smaller than the outer wheels) [col. AM]:

The picture below shows a 9-window Falkenried motor car pulling a 10-window trailer. C.T.E.V. enclosed the platforms of both vehicles [col. AM]:

In 1929 the new American owners of the tramway company transferred the Falkenried motor cars to their system in Santiago, and converted the 10-window Falkenried trailers into motor cars. This photograph was taken in 1950 by Uruguayan enthusiast John Baird [col. AM]:

In the late 1930s and early 1940s the Belgian double-deckers were rebuilt as single-deck trams. Number 510 below is barely recognizable, but still has its twin doors in the center and small motorman's door at the end [John Baird, col. AM]:

Belgian tram 505 was the last to run in Valparaíso, on 30 December 1952. Falkenried motor cars 152 and 153 – former trailers – were sold to the Ferrocarril Eléctrico Santiago Oeste in the capital, where they ran until 1964.


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