The Trams of / Os Bondes do

Part C: 1928-1980 (pictures 51-69)
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Click on the pictures to see enlargements; "pc" = postcard.
(51) One of the aluminum "zeppelin" trams that Pernambuco Tramways built in its shops in the 1930s. The model was inspired by, and named after, the Graf Zeppelin airship which visited Recife in May 1930. [pc, col. AM]
(52) "Zepellin" number 89 at Praça Rio Branco terminus [see map]. All "zeppelin" trams ran on Brill model 76-E trucks. [pc, col. AM]
(53) A variety of vehicles at Praça Rio Branco. Those are steam railroad tracks in the foreground [see map]. The "zeppelin" trams were renumbered in the 500 series. [pc, col. AM]
(54) After a while, PT rebuilt the "zeppelin" motor cars single-end and added center-door trailers. [col. AM]
(55) The trailers were numbered in the 400 series. These photographs were taken at PT's Fernandes Vieira shops [see map]. [col. AM]
(56) Close-up of a trailer's impressive center door. [col. AM]
(57) Eventually PT placed center doors in the "zeppelin" motor cars as well. The trailer on this train was purchased second-hand from Syracuse, New York. [col. Nilton Pimenta]

(58) A single-end center-door "zeppelin" photographed by a visiting U.S. seaman in June 1943. [Carlheinz Hahmann, courtesy Charles S. Small]

(59) The history of this wooden double-ender is unknown. [col. Nilton Pimenta]

(60) Front view of the vehicle in picture 59. [col. Nilton Pimenta]
(61) Was single-end wooden car 403 originally a "zeppelin" trailer? The bracket on the roof indicates that at one time it was double-end. The picture was taken on the Olinda line [see map]. [H. E. C. Piercy]
(62) This photograph of English Electric tram 231 (with remodeled roof) was taken on Ponte Maurício de Nassau [see map] in June 1943. [Carlheinz Hahmann, courtesy Charles S. Small]
(63) A "gigolô" car in 1943 [see Part B]. [Carlheinz Hahmann, courtesy Charles S. Small]
(64) A nice view of English Electric tram 226 in July 1943. [Carlheinz Hahmann, courtesy Charles S. Small]
(65) Brill 151 of 1914, still in its original form, in July 1943. [Carlheinz Hahmann, courtesy Charles S. Small]

(66) Brill tram 104 in 1943. Number 104 was the last tram to run in Recife, in 1960, and was preserved. [Carlheinz Hahmann, courtesy Charles S. Small]

(67) The same tram 104, displayed in a riverfront park on Rua da Aurora in May 1980. [AM]
(68) Another view of 104 in the riverfront park. Note "PT" logo and "P. T. & P. C. Ltd." initials. Today this car is in the Museu do Homem do Nordeste in the Casa Forte district [see map]. [AM]

(69) A street in Bairro do Recife (Recife Island) in March 2001, four decades after the end of tramway service [see map]. There are plans to run car 104 on these tracks. [photographer unknown, col. AM]

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