The Pier Tramway of

The government of the state of Amapá in northern Brazil operates a passenger tramway on a pier in the Amazon River near its capital city, Macapá. The "Bonde Elétrico do Trapiche Eliézer Levy" - as it is known locally - was inaugurated in December 1998 and discovered in March 2000 by São Paulo rail enthusiast Sergio Martire, who took the pictures below.

The first photograph shows the boarding station on the shore. Rides are free, 1400-2300 Monday-Saturday and 0800-2400 on Sundays.

Length of the line is 330 meters = 1082 feet. Track gauge is 1600 millimeters = 63 inches. Power of 220 volts AC is collected from the center rail by a "shoe" beneath the car.

The motorpersons are female. The job cannot be terribly exciting. The view below shows the outer terminus in the Amazon River.

The car was built in 1998 by Gevisa in Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil, seats 15 passengers and is air-conditioned. Macapá is located squarely on the Equator.